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There is a huge amount of growth happening in the Kingborough area property market. With a large release of land just around the corner and more new families investing in existing homes. It is fabulous to see more and more people wanting to share in our community. Andrew Henry from Harcourts Kingborough, who continues to be a strong supporter of the local community with his sponsorship of local AFL, sailing and junior soccer teams, says he believes the whole area is growing and has had to expand his business to continue to keep pace with the demand. He has renovations underway that will see the property management side of his business move to new premises in Beach Road Kingston Beach on the first of December.

People talk about the upswing in the Hobart market, but a big chunk of that is coming from the suburbs, like those in the Kingborough area, and what’s not to love about Kingborough? Beautiful beaches that people travel from kilometers away to use, great schools, excellent food and coffee that is close by to wherever you live. Kingborough is a fantastic place to live, and with improvement to the shopping in recent years you rarely go to town.

Many people are surprised how big Kingborough has become in recent years, and its growth has been achieved without the loss of community. If anything it has become a place where you cannot walk down the street without seeing a friendly face. Having sold many homes, and found great tenants for investors in Kingborough Andrew Henry is always saying hi to someone. Andrew says “these days I run into someone my team and I at Harcourts Kingborough have helped wherever I go, which is great. Honestly I think I might set up an Instagram account called Life in Kingborough, so everyone can see what a great place this is.”

Move over Hobart your time has come. Kingborough is the real heart and soul of living in this part of the world.